Shapeshift 'Pre-Series A Round' - Over $15m of digital assets exchanged

Raised so far
€1,664,274 / €1,253,238
Time remaining Finished
Investors 63
Minimum investment goal €1,002,590

Over the last year, ShapeShift began its journey, providing effortless exchange of digital assets to the growing Bitcoin industry.

Much was accomplished: dozens of cryptocurrencies were integrated, over 45 partnerships were achieved, a strong legal structure established, more than $1.5 million dollars in capital raised, and exchange volumes grew 500%. Importantly, throughout this period of early growth, ShapeShift cultivated an industry-leading brand reputation and loyal customer base.

We've proven we can build a product that people love to use, and a platform that partners love to build upon. Meanwhile, the world has fallen in love with blockchains, and an avalanche of digital blockchain-based tokens are heading toward us.

ShapeShift is built to do one thing well, one thing better than anyone: the trading of blockchain assets.

To understand more about the mission behind ShapeShift, here is a longer interview with ShapeShift CEO, Erik Voorhees: