Coinpayments - The largest payment processor of over 55 CryptoCurrencies

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€219,431 / €417,746
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Minimum investment goal €208,873
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Coinpayments is a leading Fintech company in the rapidly changing payments sector.

We believe in payment diversity and have created an open and democratic platform that enables customers to spend and merchants to accept 100's of new and innovative coins - from Litecoin, Ripple, Startcoin and now the first to accept Ether... 

In order to stay relevant you need to embrace constant change and we have built our platform on this core business philosophy.  

Open and democratic payments is the most robust and profitable model for the future.

Help us grow this idea.

Merchants and customers want freedom of choice.

  • Right now there is usually only one (Bitcoin)  of 100's of coins accepted at check-out.
    We give customers and merchants freedom of choice. 

  • Merchants are also interested in alternatives to the high cost of traditional Credit Card Processing Fees (2.75%) - we deliver digital currency payment processing at just 0.5%. 

  • Today Consumers hold 0.5 Billion USD worth of Alt Currencies in their digital wallets - and this is growing.

  • Mining Bitcoin is no longer feasible for individuals. Once a popular way to acquire this early Crypto Currency, now only large scale enterprises are efficient at mining.
    (Yet, 100's of the Alt Coins are still easily mined on personal computers with no special machinery required.)


We're Number One!

We are the world's first, and largest, multi-coin payment processing platform — enabling customers to spend and merchants to accept 55 coins right in their shopping carts... including Ripple, Litecoin, Startcoin & now Ether!

It's Easy

It's easy, from simple pay buttons to our 25+ free shopping cart integrations or our developer API that allows for rich payment integration into websites and apps. 


Freedom of choice and a democratic payments universe

We believe that coins are an expression of financial freedom and our mission is to keep the coin payments world open and democratic by accepting all coins that the market demands, not just one or two.