Bitpesa 'Series 2 Seed Round' - Bitpesa Series 2 Seed Round - Bitpesa Series 2 Seed Round - The hottest way to transfer money to and from Africa

Raised so far
€1,500,286 / €1,336,787
Time remaining Finished
Investors 3
Minimum investment goal €835,492

BitPesa lets you send money to people and businesses in Africa.  You simply buy Bitcoins from your home country from an exchange such as Coinbase, BitStamp or Circle.  Then you logon onto BitPesa.co and then use your money to send money directly to a mobile phone or a bank account.  BitPesa has the best exchange rate and no hidden fees.  

BitPesa is very disruptive to the remittence market and is transforming the way people in Africa receive and send money without the middlemen they were all once used to.