Crowd Property - Property Investing Meets CrowdFunding

Raised so far
€261,920 / €170,001
Time remaining Finished
Investors 22
Minimum investment goal €170,001
TYPE Equity 15% (Open & selling more shares)
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This company raised finance on the beta version of our online investment platform before we started specialising in financial innovation and technology investment opportunities. This funding round was prior to us launching our nominee service for additional investor protection. You can contact the company direct if you were an investor and wish to communicate with the company.

What's the big idea?

After 18 years of property investing and building a large network of property investorsacross the UK, we now feel that it is time to bring property investing to all through Property CrowdFunding.

The Big Problem

Banks simply do not understand property investing and are not lending for profitable property deals. At the same time regulatory changes mean that you have to have a big deposit just to start investing in one property deal that offers no diversification.

The Big Solution

CrowdFunding has proven itself in consumer, business & project finance. Now it is time to bring CrowdFunding to property deals and property investors. 

The Timing Is Right


Together we believe that done well with the right team and the right investors, Property CrowdFunding could take a huge slice of the bank lending to property investors market and bring the profits away from the banks and to the people.

What We Need & What You Get

You can get involved in two ways. If you are passionate about bringing Property CrowdFunding to market then you can back us in exchange for the rewards listed on this page. 

OR, you can view our investor page to explore becoming an investor for the long term.

Rewards include copies of my book or different forms of education to get you started in property investing.